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Why Is Microsoft Excel Important In The Work Place

Microsoft excel was released in 1985. It is one of the most important application of Microsoft office.com/setup and it has become the most important computer application around the world. Excel is truly useful application used by various businesses all around the world.

  • Excel helps businesses in maintaining record of stocks as well as in finance and accounting.
  • Excel has helped businesses to grow and helped them maintaining accounts accurately.
  • Excel saved a lot of time for businesses. Anyone with a great excel knowledge can grow or help to grow a business.
  • One can manage accounts and  benefit businesses by excel spreadsheets.

Now we don’t have to put formulas manually or in programs, excel does it all alone. Today we won’t find any business that does not use excel. Go through any business and you will find excel spreadsheets running on their systems. Gone are the days when we had to manually do the calculations and waste time cross-checking them. Now excel does it all and accurately in very little time. In today’s life businesses depends on excel and it is the main factor in their respective growth. Many users think excel can only add, subtract, multiply and divide but it can also perform advanced IF functions. In the latest updates on excel, it can switch office themes automatically to match windows 10 themselves as well as it can now change, insert new shapes, pictures and make Vision diagrams in excel.

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