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Dark Mode in Outlook

Outlook has arrived on the web at last! Finally, it’s a deep dark grey background that you can turn from email background to “nearly black.” Why is this a valuable feature? Given the conversation in Outlook, many people are desperate about this feature under changing background colors. That’s why we wanted to share which Outlook versions have a dark mode, how it works, and what to take into consideration when using it.

Dark mode may be more than you believe

The dark mode is something completely new for the office suite or the “turn background” option. Outlook had the “black theme” on offer already. But Outlook actually makes very small use of the black issue which has been around for years – it changes only the frame around emails, leaving the actual email body unchanged (usually, the background stays white, which strains your eyes a lot). You can also change the background with Dark mode, which is one of the extended black themes so that Outlook is easy to look at.

Those who like dark style know that less light is emitted on the screen. The dark mode is for your eyes simply more convenient. Long exposure to overwhelming bright backgrounds can cause headaches for some people. Not to mention that these white backgrounds are very similar to blinding headlights if you check your Outlook at night. Ask most developers to work in an IDE light…

Those of you who do not believe that dark mode is a lot of a character should think of all the recipients which might allow dark mode. It modifies any email background. Each one is converted HTML, RTF, plain text. Do you not like your emails in all modes to look great?

How to activate Outlook Dark Mode?

When it comes to the Outlook versions, dark mode is enabled by default for the black theme. To switch to the black theme in Outlook:

  1. Go to the File toolbar and select Office Account.
  2. Choose Black under Office Theme.
  3. To return, select the back arrow at the top.

Author: Olivia Smith is a Microsoft Office expert and a full time blogger with 5 years of experience in the technology industry. She has written technical blogs, white papers, and reviews for a variety of websites, including office.com/setup.