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How can OneNote help me at work?

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Microsoft OneNote has become an important tool for businesses as it has made storing and sharing information easy. It is very user-friendly and the characteristics of OneNote are the major reason for its success.

Microsoft OneNote is available on all your devices and allows you to search for important tasks quickly. If you tag the to-do’s, then OneNote compiles all the tagged notes for easy access, lookup, and printout. That’s just one basic benefit. We’ll show you some more easy tips to make an actionable list in Microsoft OneNote to get your work done on time. It has also helped businesses to store ideas in form of text or multimedia which saved a lot of time and helped businesses to focus on work more rather than on planning. OneNote 2016 offers a useful feature that lets you instantly turn a list of items into individual pages. Each task gets assigned to a separate page in your notebook. Create your task list, right-click and select Link to pages from the context menu. OneNote will instantly create new, empty pages in the current section. You’ll get the OneNote app as part of any Microsoft Office subscription. Learn more at www.office.com/setup

  • We can share it with colleagues and see each other’s ideas thus enabling efficient collaboration.
  • Colleagues are able to access shared documents no matter where they are and they can also add to them.
  • As OneNote can be accessed by multiple users but it leaves no stone unturned in protecting confidential business material.
  • We can also share these notes with other users using OneNote through any network.
  • Your Company can Rapidly Approach relevant planning information.
  • Teammates can see each other’s plans enabling well-planned cooperation.
  • It is the best platform for integrating a range of media types.