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How to provide consistent display language in Microsoft 365

To provide consistent display language of Microsoft 365which has continued to grow across the world, most of the users expect from the platform has constantly evolved over the past years, we have focused on meeting the growing demand for capabilities – adding buttons, menus, controls, and other factors of the display. However, the users can also support these display controls in a variety of different languages without consistency across products. when the users which are increasingly work across, more apps and multiple platforms, then the result has been an inconsistent and confusing experience for users and IT admins.

In Microsoft 365 we can also view language, time zone, country/region, and related settings at any time from your personal profile page, accessible from your desktop or mobile devices. If the organization policies can allow it and then you can also change your language and region settings. Your settings apply only to your view of your organization’s sites and do not affect how other people view these sites.

We’ve taken a data-driven approach, with the dual goal of enabling greater consistency and minimizing impact on users. For nearly one years, our team has conducted data analysis and evaluated product adoption, performance, customer feedback, market growth, and other aspects . We have found that while many of the display languages are used by tens or even hundreds of millions of users each month, a few were used by less than 0.00063% of all users which is declining office.com/setup. We can also saw clear demand for expanded language support to fill in gaps in the user experience or to align with the needs of growing markets.

Office for the Web and Windows

Office for the web includes online versions of your favorite Office apps: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. No installation or subscription required .Over the next year, the following apps will be supported on a standard set of 86 languages that account for >99.99% of current usage.

Android devices with the office app

  • Word : Create and edit documents on the go and read them comfortably on any device.
  • Excel : add formulas, reorder columns, and resize spreadsheet tables on your mobile device or tablet.
  • PowerPoint.
  • Outlook.
  • Microsoft OneNote. Microsoft OneDrive.
Microsoft 365 to the android devices

commercial focused application

The product display for the Microsoft 365 admin center and our commercial-focused applications which will be supported on a standard set of 37 languages .That account for 99.99% of the current and projected usage on these commercial-focused apps.

commercial focused application