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How to turn Microsoft Office into Dark Mode

Microsoft Office includes black and dark gray themes. Office apps will not be affected through Windows 10’s system-wide dark mode, but for Office apps like Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint you can pick a dark theme.

Office Dark mode is available according to Microsoft only if you have a Microsoft 365 subscription (formerly Office 365). (Official 2016 and Office 2013, however, can change your theme to ‘dark grey) This works with any Windows version, including Windows 7, 8, and 10. The dark subjects on Office on Mac are not currently available.

Click the “File” menu in the left top corner of a Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, or Excel application to change your theme.

How to Use a Dark Theme in Windows 10:

In the sidebar, click on “Account.” Right, open the dropdown menu of the Office Theme and select the theme you wish to use.

In-Office 2016, the default theme is “White,” but if you want to see stronger whites, you can also select “White.”

In the darkest possible office style, select “Black” to enable Dark Mode.
It is also possible to select “Dark Gray.” This topical subject uses darker, lighter greys that you may want if the Black theme is too dark.

From here you can also choose another “Office Background.” To see a design behind the Office Ribbon Bar, for example, click on ‘Office History’ to select ‘No History.’
These theme and background setups affect all applications on your system from Microsoft Office. They even affect Office applications on other Windows PCs provided that you have the same Microsoft account in them.

You can also choose your theme for second place. Click File > Options to locate it. Ensure the category “General” is chosen and search the area “Customize your Microsoft Office copy.” Choose the theme you want by clicking on the “Office Theme” box. To save the modifications, click “OK.”