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Introducing file cards in the Office App for Android

While introducing the file cards in Office app for Android which is across in various operating systems such as the Windows, Android, and iOS are quite heavily used by its customers. which is why the company regular issue. which will introduce new features and enhance existing ones. In which it recently rolled out dark mode to its office for android app and now it has announced that it is bringing file cards this month.

In a, File Cards which is a UI pattern which can offers a inline information about your files in a modernized way. which we get to see contextual data about the file and who shared it with you. Additionally, the Card for each file will which can offer a quick actions such as the ability to keep it offline or it can share with others. The capability will be present in both the “Recent” and “Shared” tabs of the Microsoft office for the Android app and you can see it in action in the attached GIF.

The File Cards which offer a rich and modern way of consuming your Office content with inline previews or contextual information, example as the person who shared the file along with the context with which it was shared with you, and quick actions on the card that allow you to share and keep the file offline. 

As part of this rollout, the File Cards with previews will be available for your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF files stored in your OneDrive Business and Personal accounts. Word and PDF files which is directly stored on your Android device which will be supported in a future update .

How to try?

There is an Update in Office version 16.0.14228.20138 on your Android device and can sign in to the app. After the successfully signed in, tap the File Card view icon in the Files section which is in the Home screen and switch to the File Card view. 

File cards in the office app

our preference will be retained if we switch between the ”Recent” and ”Shared” tabs or when you leave and return to the Office app in the future. Now you can switch back to the default List view at any time by tapping the List icon in the view switcher.

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Download Microsoft Office App  today and keep it up-to-date and ensure you will always have the latest features and improvements. The  File Cards Which will be rolling out to users or worldwide over the next few weeks, so if you don’t see it in your app just yet, you can expect to receive the update soon.   

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