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Microsoft 365 Apps for Business and Their Features

Microsoft 365 Business is a comprehensive, intelligent, and secure cloud-based solution that enables employees to be productive by providing tools designed for teamwork but tailored to individual work styles. An employee receives comprehensive productivity, security, and device management toolkit with a single subscription that does not necessitate the use of expensive consultants or highly trained systems engineers to implement.

Microsoft 365 Apps for Business and Their Features

You can grow your business with business apps from Microsoft 365.

You can use Microsoft 365 Apps for Business to work on popular MS Office applications from your Windows PC, macOS, iPad, iPhones, Android tablets, and Smartphones.

Because they are automatically updated, you get the most recent versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and Publisher. You can also upload up to 1 TB of files to OneDrive, share them with your team online, and allow them to edit or modify them. Because shared files are stored online, they are automatically updated with the most recent changes made from any location.

Microsoft Connections, Microsoft Lists, Microsoft Invoicing, and the Office 365 Business Center are now available as part of Microsoft 365 Business and Office 365 Business Premium subscriptions.

These apps, along with Microsoft Bookings, Outlook Customer Manager, and MileIQ, provide you with seven completely new ways to manage your customer relationships and grow your business. Also announced are new intelligence features for MileIQ that automatically classify drives as business or personal on your behalf.

Microsoft 365 Business Apps

End User Communications

There is some good news for users who are having problems. Microsoft can communicate directly with your end users about changes to Microsoft products that they are licenced to use. Simply enable the End User Communications service in your tenant, and Microsoft will send an email to everyone in your organisation when new features are added or old features are removed. End-Users can manage their email communication preferences in Office 365 by accessing their security and privacy settings.

Microsoft Flow (rebranded as Power Automate)

Microsoft Flow (rebranded as Power Automate). You can use a Flow template to save email attachments to OneDrive for Business or a SharePoint Online document library. If you have business processes that require approval from multiple people, you can start with an approval template and modify it to suit your needs. You can also connect Flow to third-party apps like Slack, Gmail, and RSS feeds.

Microsoft Forms

Out with Survey Monkey. Forms begin to form. Yes, it is correct. You don’t have to pay for third-party apps to create surveys, polls, or quizzes. The Forms app is included with your Microsoft 365 Business licence and is enabled by default in your tenant.

You can create internal surveys, polls, and quizzes, or you can invite people outside your organisation to fill out a form on a web browser or a mobile device. Forms can support branching logic. Each licenced user can create up to 200 forms, each of which can receive up to 50,000 responses. Form responses can be exported to Excel for analysis and reporting.

Microsoft Planner

When you work in IT, you are almost certainly involved in one or more projects at any given time. You don’t want to let those projects fall through the cracks, so you’ll need some kind of project or task management solution. You most likely do not have the funds to invest in a complex enterprise project management solution such as Microsoft Project. You’re in for a treat. Microsoft 365 Business includes Microsoft Planner, a visual task management solution that aids in the organisation of project teams.

Microsoft PowerApps

You and your end-users can become app creators with Microsoft 365 Business without having to go to programming school!

PowerApps is an Office 365 service that allows licenced users to create business apps that connect to data stored in a variety of sources, including SharePoint Online and Excel. Your end-users can create apps in either the Power Apps Studio or the App Designer models, depending on their skill level. The former is designed to make building an app feel like creating a PowerPoint presentation, whereas the latter is designed for the geek in your organisation who enjoys tinkering with model-driven apps.

Microsoft Stream

Users, like on YouTube, can create channels, upload videos, and rate and comment on them. Stream, on the other hand, is a secure video service that uses Azure Active Directory to manage user identities, allowing you to protect sensitive company data.

Features of Microsoft 365 Apps for Business

  • Latest Office Suite

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and Publisher will always be up to date. Its apps also give you a variety of input options – a standard keyboard, a stylus pen, or a touchscreen – so you can work at your best. To get your Office suite visit office.com/setup.

  • Enjoy Microsoft 365 Online

To create and edit Word, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Excel documents online, all you need is a web browser. You can store and share these files in real-time with anyone, from anywhere, online. Microsoft 365 Apps for Business simplifies collaboration.

  • 1 TB Storage and Share Files

Microsoft 365 Apps for Business includes OneDrive for Business, which provides 1 TB of cloud storage for each user. Files saved on OneDrive can be accessed from anywhere and synced with desktops and laptops for offline use.

  • Improved Excel Capabilities

Microsoft 365 Apps for Business makes it simple to format data in Excel files. It includes tools that recognize and remember the different types of data inputs as your unique pattern. As a result, the cells auto-complete quickly.

  • Use Office 365 on PCs, macOS, Tablets, and Phones

You can use and install Office 365 business suite on Windows PCs, laptops, MacOS, Tablets, iPad, Android Phones, and iPhones. A single user receives five (5) installs per device type – PCs/MacOS, tablets, and phones – for a total of 15 installs.

  • Enhanced Marketing Use

You can now directly incorporate content from your PDF files into your Word documents. It enables you to quickly create and customize marketing collateral and branding materials for all of your customers.

  • Reliability and Security

Microsoft has assured that Microsoft 365 business services will be available with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime via a financially-backed service level agreement (SLA). Your data remains safe and protected by five layers of security.

  • Collaborate Using Microsoft Teams

Send and receive instant messages from colleagues within your organization using Microsoft Teams. Also, create meetings with audio-only or audio-visual experiences. Collaborate from any location, at any time, and on any device.

Microsoft 365’s business centre helps you stay on top of activities across business apps to save time.

Author: Olivia Smith is a Microsoft Office expert and a full-time blogger with 5 years of experience in the technology industry. She has written technical blogs, white papers, and reviews for a variety of websites, including microsoft365.com/setup.