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Microsoft 365 Family

Service of subscription connect and protect those you love in your life to take advantage of your time
Today more than ever, since many of us work and learn from a distance, we are acutely aware of every difference between work and work. It was never more important to keep in touch with the things that matter. We share what Microsoft is doing in these time-consuming challenges in the past few weeks to assist organizations, staff, teachers, parents, and students. And lastly, we launched an internet site to help families learn, connect and play at home, using Microsoft tools and resources. In line with our mission, we would like to help you and your family throughout their work, education, and life to enable every individual and organization on the planet to achieve more.

Corporation of Microsoft:

  • Mac, iOS, Android, and PC
  • Storage 1TB per person in the cloud
  • Up to 6 persons

For up to 6 people, one convenient subscription. Includes premium Office applications, up to 6 tonnes (1 TB per person) of cloud storage, and advanced safety on all apps.

You and the people you share can with Microsoft 365 Family:

  • Save and share files and photos across devices using OneDrive
  • Experience advanced security protection in OneDrive and Outlook
  • Specify location alerts within the Microsoft Family Safety Mobilization application*
  • Everyone can use a subscription on 5 devices at a time.
  • Added Smart Assistance features, plus hundreds of premium templates, photographs, icons, and fonts in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • No extra cost to contact support via chat or telephone.

The app is free of charge. Operating platforms and markets vary in availability. For more information, please visit microsoft365.com.

Share your household with Microsoft 365 Home

  • Sign up on your account portal, find your family subscription Microsoft 365 and click Share.
  • Select Sharing start.
  • Select how you want your subscription to be shared: Call by email or call by link.
  • Upon accepting the invitation, your family members can sign up at www.office.com to install Office with their Microsoft account.

Author: Olivia Smith is a Microsoft Office expert and a full-time blogger with 5 years of experience in the technology industry. She has written technical blogs, white papers, and reviews for a variety of websites, including office.com/setup.