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Microsoft has released a new iOS and Android app called Family Safety.

Microsoft releases a new Family Safety app for iOS and Android. The app, which has been in beta testing for a few months, is designed to help families control screen time and app use. The Family Safety app allows parents to obtain updates on app use and total screentime, as well as set app time limits with the option for children to request extensions.

Time limits for games and apps can be synced across various platforms with Microsoft Family Safety, which works on Windows, Xbox, and Android. This keeps kids from switching computers to play Minecraft or Fortnite for a few extra hours. It’s also possible to completely disable specific applications.

Web and search filters have also been introduced by Microsoft to restrict browsing to kid-friendly pages. These filters run on Windows, Xbox, and Android using Microsoft’s Edge browser. On the mobile side, most of these screentime and content filters are only available on Android, but Microsoft says it’s working on getting them to iPhones as well. There’s even the option to avoid credit card bills for thousands of V-bucks by locking down unexpected spending on accounts with payment request emails.

Family Safety may also be used to share where family members are. During the beta process, Microsoft introduced a new location-clustering function that allows users to see when different family members are all in the same place. Microsoft also plans to add alerts for when family members arrive or depart a venue, and this will be a unique feature available only to Microsoft 365 subscribers.

For Microsoft 365 customers, a new drive safety feature is also on the way. It’s intended to assist people in developing healthier driving behaviors by providing “insights into driving behavior.” Microsoft hasn’t said when the feature will be available, but it will be available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

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