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Microsoft 365 Applications & Their Uses

Office 365

Microsoft 365, rebranded earlier by Office 365, is the most important productivity software in Microsoft’s business. For a monthly fee, you can sign up for a plan and access multiple programs such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel classic Microsoft applications. It’s surprising that your Office subscription has over 20 ready-to-use apps installed.

The Microsoft Store has more than a hundred, but we will focus just on those that are automatically incorporated. We recommend Office 365 here at Superfast IT support to our customers to help them with their business requirements and productivity. It is also safer than using a traditional Microsoft Exchange on-site server.


Included in Outlook, you can schedule and accept meetings and events in your calendar application. Calendars can also be shared between team members. Custom alerts can be used to set automatic reminders.


Delve is a manager for documentation that lets you bookmark the SharePoint files you need. You can see which team members work on certain documents and view their profiles. You can also modify your Office 365 profile such as profile image and job role by Delve.


All in one company manager is Dynamics. In dynamics such as leave demands and expense reports, you can add custom applications. It’s like a bureau manager on your computer.


Microsoft Excel is a table application for collecting and editing data. Forms allow automatic calculations to be performed to simplify your work.


Allow your workflows to be automated Flow saves you a variety of ways in time. There are hundreds of options to set up flows from the weather to your phone to arrange meetings automatically.


You can create forms as their name suggests, but you can do many other things too. Surveys and questionnaires with plenty of personalization are also available. For analysis, the results can be exported.


OneDrive is a system for cloud storage. Plans tend to be 1TB of storage per user, which for most people should be quite extensive. With an Internet connection, you can share files with specific persons and access them anywhere.


You can create notes with OneNote by type, draw, or write. Pick up the device you left and share your team notes.


The industry leader is Microsoft’s e-mail app views. It’s an intelligent user interface that makes a business feel a favorite. The desktop, browser, and mobile versions are provided.


In one place, all your contacts. You will have friends, family, and business contacts organized by people. The app will learn your favorite contacts and advise you to contact people. The easy way to organize the tasks of your team.


You can create, assign and edit PLANNER Planner. Tasks can be grouped into teams or individual planning boards.


Power BI is your whole data hub, which allows you to create highly visual databases for your team.


PowerApps takes data from you already for the creation of web and mobile apps from an application builder. Use ‘drag and drop’ to create the applic, and you can either build your own from scratch or use one of the many pre-set templates provided.


The application for the presentation has long been around. It has improved considerably over the years and now offers you a wide range of options to develop professional presentations.


You need the application, as the name implies if you have a file to share it. Just download and easily access the information you need for others in your team.


Microsoft Tasks is built into your Outlook and enables you and others to create tasks. Dates, reminders, and priority levels can also be specified.


Microsoft answers to WhatsApp and Zoom are the live chat team workspace. It allows you to communicate in real-time between people in your team


Your daily scheduler online. Specify and prioritize your tasks and give them a final date. On mobile, and sync with your Outlook, you can add notes.


It is Microsoft Word that everyone knows. You can type all of your thoughts and more down from the document creator. Posters, flyers, and more can be created.


The social media network Microsoft is taking on. You can share updates, comment on updates for others, and have private communication with Yammer. The program allows a business in your organization to build communities where you can have a share of interests; it might be as simple as sharing relevant articles for your business or as a social committee of a company.

Author: Olivia Smith is a Microsoft Office expert and a full-time blogger with 5 years of experience in the technology industry. She has written technical blogs, white papers, and reviews for a variety of websites, including office.com/setup.