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What are Microsoft teams for?

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams, a new tool, was added to Microsoft’s previously robust Office 365 suite of services in November 2016. Teams is a chat-based communication tool that allows worldwide, distant, and dispersed teams to collaborate and exchange information in one central location. Document collaboration, one-on-one chat, team chat, and other awesome features are available. Many other Office 365 services, such as Skype, SharePoint, Exchange, and Yammer, are also fully integrated with Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is the organization’s ultimate messaging app—a workspace for real-time interaction and coordination, conferences, file and app sharing, and even the unusual emoji! Everything is in one place, out in the open, and everyone can see it. Microsoft Teams is a team collaboration app that keeps your team organized and allows you to communicate with them all in one place. Here’s a fast tour of Teams’ left-hand side.

Teams – Join existing channels or start your own. You can have on-the-spot sessions, have conversations, and share files within channels.

Meetings – See what you have planned for the day or week. Alternatively, set up a meeting. This calendar is compatible with Outlook.

Calls – If your organisation has it set up, you may be able to call someone from Teams, even if they aren’t using it.

Activity – Catch up on all of your unread messages, @mentions, comments, and more with Activity.

Here are some reasons why you should use it:

  1. Text, audio, video, and file sharing are all available in this rich chat.
  2. Develop an idea in private, then share it with the entire organisation.
  3. All of your files, docs, and other documents can be found in one place.
  4. Connect your favourite apps, such as Planner, Trello, GitHub, and others.

Teams include the following core capabilities:

Chat – Have public and private discussions with your colleagues. Popular social features like adding emojis and custom memes to your conversations are made possible by the deep integration of Skype video into the app.

Hub – Teams provides a collaborative workspace for Microsoft Office applications such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Planner, OneNote, SharePoint, Delve, and Power BI. This feature allows you and your team to work wirelessly without having to worry about switching between applications while completing projects.

Microsoft Teams: What You Need to Know

  1. Today’s teams need a platform.
  2. With scheduling capabilities, you can have a better meeting experience.
  3. Gallery of Bots
  4. The perfect location for teamwork
  5. Video and audio calling on mobile devices
  6. Exceptionally adaptable
  7. Enhanced safety