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What is PowerPoint and how does it work?

What is Powerpoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a multimedia kit that includes everything you need to make a presentation. It provides us with everything we require to create a professional-looking presentation. Word processing software, outlining, drawing, graphing, and presentation management tools are all included in PowerPoint, and they’re all designed to be simple to use and understand. office .comsetup

The following are some key points to remember about the growth and release of Microsoft PowerPoint: 

  1. Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin developed the program at Forethought, a software company. 
  2. It was first released on April 20, 1987, and Microsoft purchased it three months later. 
  3. MS PowerPoint 2.0 was the first version of this software released by Microsoft (1990).
  4. It’s a presentation-based software that incorporates graphics, images, and other multimedia elements to make a presentation more interactive and engaging.
  5. A saved Powerpoint presentation’s file extension is “.ppt.” PPT stands for PowerPoint presentation, which includes slides and other features.

PowerPoint Presentations and Their Applications 

Presentations in PowerPoint are useful for both personal and professional purposes. A few of the major fields where PPT is extremely useful are mentioned below: 

  1. PowerPoint presentations can help make education more engaging and draw students to the updated version of studying, which is becoming more popular in e-learning and smart classes.
  2. PowerPoint presentations can be particularly important in the field of marketing.
  3. MS PowerPoint may be used in business to invite investors or to demonstrate an increase or decrease in earnings. 
  4. Microsoft PowerPoint can be used to create digital resumes. Various designs, photographs, and other elements may be used in the resume. 
  5. PPT makes it easier to represent the growth of a corporation, industry, student grades, and other entities by allowing both graphics and text to be used in a presentation.

Uses of Powerpoint Presentation

The possible uses of PowerPoint are countless. A slide show can help a teacher teach a lesson, illustrate an event in history, easily display statistical information, or be used for training in corporations. A slide show can be a valuable tool for teaching, sharing and learning. Whether presenting at a conference or convincing your parents to get a puppy, PowerPoint presentations are useful no matter what the topic and help communicate ideas to an audience. The invention of PowerPoint by Gaskins has saved presenters hours of painstakingly handcrafting displays, and created a professional and easy way to relay information.