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What’s new in Microsoft 365 admin management

The new in Microsoft 365 admin management is if you own a small business, you’re not very technical and you run IT for a large university, or work in an IT organization in a large enterprise company, we’re excited that this year Microsoft which bring you new Microsoft 365 admin capabilities and designed to help you spend less time on mundane and repetitive tasks and deliver the best and most secure productivity experience to your organization. 

Last years, the Microsoft 365 Admin guide to ignite which  covered a range of content to help you to learn how to manage better Microsoft 365. Now, we’re focusing on your top priorities: simplicity and security.

Simplifying the Admin Experience to Help You Focus on More Strategic Priorities

In some recent capabilities new factors is introduced which can simplify your admin experience, including quick access to work tasks, new templates, global settings, comprehensive remote work tools, granular role-based access controls, simplified and unified collaboration management, and learning cards. Now we’re excited to share more detail about new innovations like simplified view, delegated administration, and admin center experience in Microsoft Teams to help you focus on what’s most important.  

Security is a top concern for all organizations today

 Whether the employees are working remotely, in a office, or in hybrid situation. There is prioritized security investments before, and we can continue adding more capabilities admins can centrally manage domains and security settings and a software updates page is coming soon. 

Delegated Administration and Administrative Units Management 

Delegated administration allows you to set a scope for what objects an admin can administer. You can easily create scoped sets of users, or so-called administrative units, choose who can administrate those users, and grant the appropriate level of admin permissions. 

Delegated administration is important for so many industries; from a teacher that needs to manage a classroom, a manager that needs to manage her team, to the multi-national enterprise that needs to separate administrative control per region for regulatory purposes. Obviously, these are just a few examples, but one thing we heard loud and clear is that delegated administration is now a requirement for many of you. 

New research in Microsoft365 Apps

Software Updates Page

In today’s world the security which is more important than ever and staying up to date with software which plays a important role in keeping a secure environment. Usually when we think software should be staying up to date and then we think about having the latest features, everyone is not realizes that staying up to date and being on a supported version of the product that means you have the latest security patches and we want to equip admins with the information they need to keep their Microsoft 365 up to date, regardless of their technical depth or specialized tooling. Today there is the Software updates page which gives admins a high-level overview of the software update status for Microsoft 365 devices in their organization, starting with information about Office. With this we should keep in mind, we’re building a new Software updates page: a status hub in the Microsoft 365 admin center.

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